How to Find The Best Student Accommodation in Sydney?

Doesn’t it feel like you spent an endless amount of time planning, doing all the paperwork and slicing through the red tape looking for confirmation from your University in Sydney? Now the last thing that you have left is the ‘where to stay’ question between you and the Aussie sun. It is almost time!

Give yourself a pat on your back for all the hard work. Looking for a student accommodation in Sydney is fairly easy if you know where to look and what to look for. The cost of living in Sydney is steep and that is no secret, but that does not mean you will have to shell out a bomb. This is where this article will come in handy, we hope.


Sydney each year welcomes hundreds of international students to come and study in the world’s renowned Universities that they are very proud of. 2016 in fact saw over 500,000 international students enrolling. Now if each year so many students come to make Sydney their home, there must be something special. So let us help you get yourself to the land down under.

University Accommodation


Now as convenient as it may sound to live on campus since you will be just a stone’s throw away from lectures it can be difficult to get in. The university accommodations are limited and given on first come first serve basis. If you are able to get yourself a spot here then great, but if not, then do not worry there are plenty more and better options waiting.

Private Student Accommodation

Now, what are private student accommodations? With the increasing demand of student accommodations in Sydney and the number of students each year coming to the city steadily increasing, there was a great demand for private student housing. These are also known as Purpose Built Student Accommodations or PBSA. These student accommodations offer world-class facilities such as card access to keep the premises secure, Cinema Room, BBQ area (after all your Aussie experience will not be complete without BBQ lunches), fully equipped Gymnasium, TV Room, Games Room etc. In short, whatever you need to make your student life memorable in Australia you will find it here. This also helps in keeping maintenance costs to a bare minimum, imagine not having to pay for hefty gym memberships each month or electricity and water bills to remember. The rent generally is always all-bills inclusive wherein you also get blanket Wi-Fi throughout the building so that your coursework never suffers.


You will always find your convenience and comfort to be given top-notch importance. There are security and maintenance available in the building 24*7 to take care of all your needs. All these buildings are close to transportations links and also amenities. So you will not need to leave your home unless you really want to, more time to study right!

The rooms are designed in a way that you will have your private space with your own bathrooms, so no more queuing up outside the bathroom across the hall in the morning in your race to reach your lectures on time. The common living and kitchen space is fitted with the most modern equipment so that cooking would not feel like a chore.

The shared type of apartments are called En-suite shared apartments. En-suites are basically when you have your own personal bathroom with your bedroom. You can also choose from the non-ensuite options if having a personal bathroom is not your top priority and this way save a little as well, as these room types are commonly a little cheaper than the en-suite ones.

If you were planning on living independently during college then there are options for you too. The Studios have been carefully designed to serve this purpose. You will have your own study space, personal kitchen and living area and your very own personal bed.


The benefit of PBSA or private student housing is that you will not have to worry about anything as your bills will be taken care of, you will have the maintenance team should ever anything breakdowns in your apartment, security 24*7, great transport links, all amenities and shopping close by and the most important close proximity to Universities. So it’s just like the university accommodation got an upgrade really.

Student Places to Look At

You need to keep a few things in mind when finalising which student accommodation to book. Now let’s just say if you are looking for a student accommodation for the University of Sydney then you cannot book an accommodation that is in Parramatta. You cannot zero out on the property based on just their facilities or prices alone. You will need to look at their location so that you do not have to waste time travelling. So let us break it down for you location wise and help you with a few options as starters.

Northern Suburbs- Marsfield, North Ryde, Eastwood

You will find Macquarie University located in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, due to plenty of students enrolling into the same each year, the vibrant student culture is very widely spread across this suburb. You will find Urbanest Darling Square to be a very convenient student accommodation.


Inner West- Camperdown, Glebe, Newtown and Ultimo

The University of Sydney and (UTS) University of Technology Sydney are universities both of which you will find close to the CBD. If you are heading to this university then there are a few choices that are popular amongst students and where you can start your search from such as Sydney University Village, Urbanest Sydney Central, Urbanest Glebe etc.



Eastern Suburbs- Kensington and Coogee

University of New South Wales (UNSW) is located on a campus in Kensington, which is about 7kms from Sydney’s CBD. Now if you are headed this way then Urbanest Cleveland Street, Urbanest Quay Street are among a few you can choose as your home for the next few months. You will be only a short bus ride away from Coogee, if beaches are your thing.



Western Suburb- Parramatta and Penrith

UWS or University of Western Sydney has 6 campuses located in the Western Suburbs in Sydney. So the student accommodation options in this area are Western Sydney University Village- Penrith Campus, Western Sydney University Village- Parramatta Campus amongst many others.


Since now we have given you a few student accommodation based on the Universities and their campus for you to begin your search with, we hope you will not find the task of finalising a student accommodation that tedious.


Sydney has an option for everyone, whatever your need be you will find a student accommodation for just that. So do not worry the Aussie sun is waiting to welcome you. With the world-renowned education system, you will also have a very fun time living here, as Sydney has been voted the best student city with very good reasons.

If you are heading to Sydney to study and are interested in student accommodation then head to the Sydney listing page on to choose from over 22,000 rooms in other similar student accommodations in Sydney. is the world’s leading platform to book student accommodation and serves over 1.1 million times to students from over 166 countries every year.

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