Hosting The Perfect Night-in At Your New Student Accommodation

You must be excited to begin college and make new friends. The perfect way to meet new people is to socialize at parties. So why not host one yourself? People are hardly able to have conversations in parties that are loud and overly crowded. Take it down a notch and host a small get-together with great food and fun things to do with less chaos. Being a host means that you are willing to take the first step towards new friendships and are most likely to become everyone’s favorite in no time!  You won’t even need to spend a lot of hours cleaning your new student accommodation the next morning. It’s the perfect win-win situation.

We’ve listed a few party-ideas and tips, so you know everything that needs to be taken care of in advance!

1. International Potluck Parties

Not into cooking? Host a potluck dinner party! Ask your new buddies to bring one signature dish along with them to dinner. It does not necessarily need to be home-cooked. Students come in from different parts of the world, so there will be a wide range of unique recipes on the dinner table. You will also get to know about the likes and dislikes of your friends’ taste in food. Moreover, it may give you an interesting insight into their cultures. After all, more options mean more fun! You won’t even need to spend a lot on a potluck-party. Just tidy up your student room, get some fun music on and get ready to have a party like never before! Ask the guests to exchange the potluck-recipes by the end of the party, so you can get experimental in the kitchen by yourself too. Hang a map by the door. Keep a set of post-its on a table next to it. Ask your friends, to put a post-it marking where they’re from on the map. It’s a great way to feel that the world is at your doorstep (literally)!

Potluck dinner party with friends.


2. Game Night

Game night will never go out of style while hosting a house party. Ping-Pong never fails to excite the guests, so that will always be a hit at every party for sure. Want to make it more fun? Play beer-pong! Because everything gets better when there’s beer around. Check out ‘Heads Up’ on the App Store. It is a fun game invented by Ellen Degeneres. It has become a millennial-favorite since it was launched. We guarantee a laughter-filled evening where you will end up laughing because this game is hilarious. Or you can stick to playing a game of Spades or Egyptian War because it never gets boring. 

Game night with friends at student home.


3. Pizza Party

When did we get too old for a good old Pizza party? Get back to basics and order the cheesiest pizza for all your friends. Put on Netflix and binge-watch a show everybody likes. This type of party is perfect for the lazy university student lifestyle. Ask your guests for some recommendations to make sure you pick something that everybody likes. Go democracy!  

(Some cool show recommendations that can’t go wrong are One Day At a Time, Modern Family, Queer Eye, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Pizza party with friends.

4.  Clothing-Swap

Most people in this world believe that they don’t have enough clothes. Organize a clothing-swap party where people exchange clothes and accessories. This rare idea cannot not be super-successful because everybody wants to keep adding things to their closet all the time. And getting new clothes while clearing out space from your already-full closet? Everybody wins! It will also give you an insight into the personal style of your new friends, helping you to know them better. Make it a little more interesting by setting up a few rules like the number of items each person should bring or how many they can take away with them. This way, nobody goes home empty-handed! Get some beers and put on some music and you have a fun flea market that people would not want to miss! (Book-swap is a great idea too!) 

Clothing swap party at college.
Image credits: Collective Evolution

5. Karaoke Night

Don’t have a Karaoke Machine? You can rent one for a night! Going to a Karaoke Bar sounds super fun, but hosting one at your student housing will save a lot of money. At-home Karaoke parties mean that you can sing badly without the fear of being judged. You don’t need to be conscious of your almost non-existent singing skills. Even if you are just a bathroom singer, you should let loose for a night and let your inner Beyonce shine! Get some nachos with salsa sauce and have your friends bring some booze along. You are set to have an unforgettable night! 

Karaoke night at student room.

Some Tips:  

Make sure you tidy up your student residence before inviting people over. This will ensure their comfort. Have plenty of space for people to sit at all times. Just set up a few extra chairs and throw some pillows around for a cozier vibe. Good lighting can do wonders but don’t go too bright or too dull. 

Being a good host means that you take care of your friends’ needs but don’t go overboard with it. The most important thing is to have fun. After all, you put in all the effort and deserve to enjoy the night the most.

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