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Cool Friendsgiving Ideas for College Students

Friendsgiving day has become a popular tradition in recent years. What makes it so much fun is that it has all the good parts of thanksgiving without having any nosy relatives around. This festival is a hundred percent customizable. You don’t have to worry about getting a perfect score on the traditional meter. Let’s face it, there’s hardly a better feeling than gathering around a table with your closest friends and being grateful for each other’s existence. Oh wait, how could we not mention all the delicious food there’s gonna be? Most people celebrate Friendsgiving the weekend before Thanksgiving but as we said, you don’t have to follow the rules. 

If you and your friends are staying at your student homes this Thanksgiving season and not flying back home, this blog is just what you need to amp up your Friendsgiving game! Even if you plan on visiting your family, what’s the harm in having two fun weekends instead of one? Here are some cool Friendsgiving ideas for students and some tips for you to kick start the prep:

1. Share the Load

You don’t need to be the Monica Geller of the gang and host Friendsgiving all by yourself. On Friendsgiving, friends share the load. All you need to do as a good host is to divide duties among friends. Host a Friendsgiving Potluck this year. This is the ideal way to get a variety of dishes and pies on the table. It is all about having a progressive celebration, isn’t it? Send out a Friendsgiving potluck list beforehand. Just make sure to coordinate well enough that none of your friends show up with similar food. 

Delegation is key to host a Friendsgiving meal. And if you have a Chandler Bing or Joey Tribbiani in the group who refuses to bring a dish, put them in charge of the dishes. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Friendsgiving meal on the table.

2. Friendsgiving games

The beauty of Friendsgiving is that it can be whatever you want it to be! Add some games, fun Friendsgiving activities and icebreakers to make it even more fun. If there are some new people in the gang who haven’t had a chance to hang out with the entire group, the guessing game of “I’m thankful for…” is perfect. Ask your friends to pitch in their wishes in a hat and guess who wished for what every time someone picks up a card. Friendsgiving drinking games are obviously a given. Ask your friends to pitch in some ideas as well.

Play the famous 5 Second Rule with your friends. Ellen Degeneres has made this game super famous. All you need to do is name three things belonging to a category in just five seconds. 

There are plenty of other Friendsgiving game ideas to play. Don’t forget to keep things competitive! 

Friendsgiving games on Friendsgiving

3. Potluck Pie Bar

Take potluck-ing to the next level and set up a pie bar at your Friendsgiving party. Ask your friends to get their favorite pies with them because there can never be too many pies. Set up a pie bar and decorate it with a banner and some other cute decor to go with it. Let there be pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and all pies from the city at your pie bar! After all, multiple pies are one of the best Friendsgiving ideas every year. November is all about the pies.  So, we should let pies have their moment! 

Pie Bar on Thanksgiivng
Image Credits: Chicago Parent



4. Friendsgiving Food Ideas

If there’s one thing that needs to be perfect on Friendsgiving is food. If you are going to be home for Thanksgiving weekend, keeping light food may be a good idea. Even though Friendsgiving meals have become more like Trendsgiving meals with diets like Keto or gluten-free, don’t fuss too much about dietary restrictions if you are not into it. We’ve listed some easy-peasy Friendsgiving food ideas for you:

DIY Food recipes for Friendsgiving

5.Friendsgiving Theme Ideas

Friendsgiving is all about making new traditions with your besties and re-writing the old ones. So why don’t you take it up a notch and have a theme for your Friendsgiving day? Here are some super dope ideas for all kinds of squads:

  • Comfy Pyjama Friendsgiving: Dress up in your coziest pajamas with your gang and spend time doing cliche pajama party stuff like building a sheet tent or pillow fights. Order in some pizza and you have a good old high-school themed party.
  • Musical Meal: Music makes everything better and making your Friendsgiving Party filled with it is a sure-shot way to make your party lit. Take turns to play everybody’s favorite records.
  • Football Friendsgiving: If you have a sporty squad, why not show it off on the field? Host a Friendsgiving-football game just like our beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  •  Stress Free Friendsgiving: This is the perfect theme for the lazy group of friends. Just get whatever you have in your kitchen or pick something up from the store to the potluck. And who knows, you might end up with a massive variety of food items on the table? Hosting Friendsgiving should never be stressful for anybody, right?
Friends playing football. Thanksgiving episode
Image Credits: US Magazine

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