Discover London As A Student

London is every student’s dream city, with the city rankings topping the charts and the fact that London has so much to offer you will never experience a dull day here.


As Samuel Johnson so very well said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life“.

As we feel the best way to enjoy London is when you are a student. You have the time and the opportunity to be able to explore the city fully. London has plenty of nooks and crannies that you need to explore before your academic year comes to an end. So we have prepared a list for you so as to get you started on your exploration journey. Trust us you will not have a dull day in London as there is always so much to do here.


Due to London’s vast cultural diversity you will be able to also find snippets and beautiful tributes to the famous landmarks of other cultural capitals across the globe. There are many such examples but we picked out this not-so-well-know spot for you. London is also as we understand a metropolitan that is slightly on the expensive side but don’t be discouraged just yet there are a lot of free thing to do in London.

Little Venice


The name itself gives it away, leaving nothing to imagination you will find a recreation of the the famous Italian City right here in London. Imagine a canal and moored boats running through terraced mansions and town houses, the view in itself is so surreal.


This is not where it ends you will find waterside cafes, pubs and restaurants and during summer months this place comes so alive that it will not be hard to while away a day here and not notice time.

Kyoto Garden’s in Holland Park


Now how about discovering Japan a little bit as well. Kyoto Garden is nestled in Holland Park that gets his name from Earl of Holland who was the second owner of the Holland House that is situated in Holland Park. Kyoto Gardens has a beautiful bridge at the foot of a waterfall and its koi carp giving the garden a very authentic Japanese look. Once inside you will be immediately transported, do not miss on this experience.

Secret Bars in London

London has a knack for theatrics, you will find many secret bars spread across the city, some we hope you will stumble across and discover for yourself and some we will tell you. Shhhhhh! do not tell anyone we told you. The top ones on our list are The Luggage Room which is hidden away in Mayfair, The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town or The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields.


The Breakfast Club is a normal looking restaurant but when you walk inside you will see a big old refrigerator door stuck to a wall. Do not be fooled it was not put there to add to the decor, you will need to tell the man guarding this door exactly what you want and after that he will escort you right through that door to a basement bar where you will be able to enjoy delicious cocktails and have a great time with a select few who are in on the secret. Another one we particularly like is the one in Earl’s Court Evans and Peel Detective Agency. Walk through the door to meet a detective, tell him why he needs to take your case, convince him and walk into a bar through a secret door behind a bookshelf. Fun places in London you will soon find out are endless.

Now lets head towards areas that hold great things for you to discover.




You will have so much to discover about Spitalfields, with the Old Spitalfields Market where you can score antiques or even look to buy vintage Chanel’s, to gourmet restaurants, art galleries, luxury stores. You then across the road have the home to curries Brick Lane to discover, with the Indian restaurants, and authentic bagel places this place is a hunt.


You need to visit to find its various hidden treasures. You will also find beautiful wall murals here adorning the vacant wall spaces by upcoming and budding artists. This is one of London’s most central of locations as its easily accessible, Central London is only minutes away.


The hipster district of London is Shoreditch. You will find budding designers and artists inhabiting this space. The atmosphere here is very laid back and to enjoy what the area has to offer you will also not need to break your bank. Shoreditch has many hipster cafes and bars. The bar crawls in London will mostly originate here.


There are so many party options here as well that you will not run out of choices. Most clubs will not even charge you an entry, and the prices of drinks will be most reasonable, so a great night is guaranteed. If you a looking for a mid-week break then too this place is always buzzing with activity, there will always be something to do or just head to The Book Club and play a game of table tennis, shake a leg to great songs in the basement, challenge a stranger to table football and come home.

Now do not just wander around in Central London when everything that surrounds it is just as beautiful.


Not only its the Royal Residence but there is so much more to this place. You can sit by the river and marvel at the duck swimming around. Mind you each one of these ducks belong to the Queen. You will see all of them with a tag attached to their webbed feet.


You can also see people parked along side the edge of the river in their private boats. The parks are picturesque and the little cafes and bars are English style, so here you will be able to enjoy the true English culture as well.


Richmond has a Ham House, it has a forbidding aura to it, and some might even claim to sense the presence of the ghosts that are rumoured to roams the hall of this place.


Do not let this rumour discourage you from exploring one of Europe’s finest houses and a chance to witness 17th Century art, textile and furniture along with so much more. Richmond is also famous for its parks and picnic spots. Be sure to check them out as well.


There are more such areas but for the same watch this space until next week . . . . . is the world’s leading platform to book student accommodation and serves over 1.1 million times to students from over 166 countries every year.

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