7 Easy-Crazy Ways For Students To Save Money

Studying abroad has a lot of pros & cons. Saving pennies for months and then spending them all at a student night in one go could burn a hole in most students’ pockets. Find out how to get bang for your buck with our 7 Easy Crazy Ways For Students To Save Money.

Coming to your rescue, we have filtered out a few easy-crazy ways to save money.

  1. Cut down your electricity bills

Spending more of your time in college or library has plenty of other benefits apart from getting you new friends and acquaintances.
You could even charge your phones and laptops in library or college campus to save on your household bills.

UNILODGERS TIP– Don’t be always outside your place, your roommates might stop recognising you. And don’t even sit in library for long hours you might lose your voice.

  1. Food

Try cooking at home and spend less bucks at cafes.
UNILODGERS TIP– Don’t do that always, you might forget how the Pasta actually tastes.

  1. Water Bills

Shorten your showers.
UNILODGERS TIP– Not so short that even the smell of alcohol (or may be something else 😛 ) from last evening doesn’t go away.

    4. Work Part Time

There are several companies looking for interns, you just have to find the right place for yourself.
UNILODGERS TIP– Work in a cafe/restaurant you will get money as well as some food!


   5. Discounts

Grab the good deals, avail discounts, shop during stock clearance/sale and save a lot many bills.
UNILODGERS TIP– Every deal is not for you. Buy what you NEED!

   6. Scholarships

This may seem quite difficult, but why not give it a try ?!

Study hard, Get A’s and there you go!

UNILODGERS TIP– Don’t forget you have a life, a social life as well!.

7. Phone Calls

We all miss our family but don’t spend a lot of money on that. Instead,

UNILODGERS TIP– Use whatsApp, Viber and Skype and save loads of money.

Ain’t they easy & crazy? 😉 Share your crazy ideas with us and help your friends save money too.

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