5 Weather Essentials You Need for College in UK


The British weather is quite unpredictable but whatever the season overall, expect it to rain! A UK city can experience a range of weather changes on the same day. The winters are characterised by unsettled, windy and wet weather while spring and summer bring some relief for a brief period. Since the climate is incredibly varied it makes packing for dorm essentials equally confusing, especially when you enter the zone for the first time. 

In today’s forecast, there’s a high chance of ignoring the right forecast and predicting the wrong one. So here’s a list of 5 college essentials to help you banish those miserable weather blues. 


1. A Raincoat

The UK is a raining place, but it’s also an equally stylish hub. An overly casual and comfortable raincoat is a must if you’re trying to blend in! Invest in a snazzy raincoat that’s waterproof and keeps you warm while also replacing your big winter overcoat. Invest in a foldable mac that you can just pull out of the bag when it starts running- and make sure it has a hood! Pick an all-white raincoat, or go extra with some prints. With an adjustable hood and over-sized pockets, a raincoat can be fashionable and functional. You can also go the extra mile if you really hate getting wet with waterproof overtrousers. You’ll look silly, but it’ll definitely keep you dry. 



2. An Umbrella

The lingering doubt of a downpour makes having an umbrella an absolute necessity. When it comes to picking the right umbrella- from compact, large, windproof and stylish, there’s literally everything on the market. If you’re someone who likes to stack everything up in their backpack, pick a lightweight umbrella. And if you’re a fan of the great outdoors, pick one that is windproof so you can step out in hail, rain and shine. Choose a sturdy, stylish umbrella and find yourself singing in the rain! 



3. Knee-High Rubber Boots

A must-have in British weather, knee-high rubber boots help you wander on muddy ground or puddles without the icky wet feeling. The most popular ones are Wellington boots (or Wellies) traditionally khaki in colour, they’ve come a long way. You can find them in just any colour in the market but bright colours and patterns are popular. The knee-high rubber boots are ingrained in British life that they even play a role in a niche sport! Pack the right rubber boots as weather essentials for college and you’re definitely in for some stylish and convenient walk in the rain!



4. Gloves

An indispensable part of coping with the vagaries of British weather, gloves are a complete must-have! The typical levels of showers in Britain mean that winters tend to be damp and chill, leaving your fingers freezing. Gloves might not be as practical for you to be texting – we know that can be a difficult one to pick, but there’s a range of options available that will allow you to use your smartphone conveniently.



5. A Cosy, Warm Coat

British people are quite sentimental about their warm coats. Why shouldn’t they be? It’s one thing that is essentially a life-saver in the chilly winters. It might seem obvious to carry a warm, fuzzy coat but it’s also worth thinking about how warm the coat really is. When picking weather essentials, choosing functionality is a must. Pick a winter coat that is waterproof from the outside and fluffy on the inside – making it an ideal coat for the UK weather. A particularly iconic design is the duffle coat, made of heavy woollen cloth, fastened by toggles available in different colours. 



Some people can be adversely affected by the cold, leading to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you experience a shift in appetite, sleep and mood be sure to speak with a professional. Moreover, someone has rightly said- the weather is a great metaphor for life. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.