5 Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day


Calling all cupids and romantics: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And yes, it is 2021 guys. Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, girl-gang/boy-gang, or honouring the importance of self-care, there’s no reason why February 14th can’t add a basket full of sunshine in your life. A carefully prepared meal, filling the background with your favourite mixtape and to top it up, one of the movies from this authentic Valentine’s Day movie list, which by the way is approved by St Valentine himself. 

Let’s grab those wine glasses and start streaming, shall we?


1. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire


Like a stroke of a paintbrush, this french masterpiece leaves you wondering when the romance started and the love story ended. Based in 1770, the movie in its most eloquent manner captures a frame in which these two women (Marianne and Héloïse) are falling in love with each other, inch by inch as days past by while they know their love is not allowed to stand in this society. Marianne spends hours looking at Héloïse, spending time with her during the day and making a portrait of her at night by using her memory. To tell you more about how this movie unfolds will not do justice in these many words. Don’t we all long for things we cant grasp? 


2. 120 Beats Per Minute


This Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix winning movie is set in the 90s depicting a love affair with the AIDS activism in the backdrop. With a score comprising of remixed cult hit songs and killer house music, you will find an association with the gay liberation movement and beats. The Act Up foundation is where the 3 new volunteers are inducted. In between the working of Act Up and how it should move forward, Nathan and Sean finds themselves embarking on a relationship while Sean’s HIV+ status is worsening. The presentation of a gay love affair in BPM is not only tender and technical but also salutary. 


3. Perks Of Being A wallflower


“And in that moment, I swear, we were infinite.” Romanticism, parties, theatre, substance abuse, sexuality, culture, and a rebellion it had it all. From David Bowie’s timeless music to the adaptation of The Rocky Horror Show, makes us come back to its famous line “We accept the love we think we deserve”. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is directed in a way that you will find yourself navigating through the rough terrain of feeling comfortable in your own skin. It encompasses aspects of acceptance from within and love. 


4. A Rainy Day In New York

Set on a rainy day, this Woody Allen film stars Timothée Chalamet(Gatsby), Elle Fanning(Ashleigh) and Selena Gomez(Chan). With literature, cinema, musical references and an affluent Manhattan, this movie provides an understated but emotional jolt. Gatsby is definitely a privileged snot but he’s also clueless and desperate in an appealing way. Elle Fanning is a young innocent ingenue sent to interview director Liev Schreriber. Jude Law and Selena Gomez gives a mesmerising performance. The movies showcases the warmth of spring sun-shower in all its erratic incandescence. 


5. The One I love


Charlie McDowell’s directorial debut is a romance and a mystery and a drama, with really only two characters in it played by Mark Duplass(Ethan) and Elizabeth Moss(Sophie). Ethan and Sophie are in marriage counselling for more than one reason. Reminiscing on past memories, their counsellor asks them to go for a weekend retreat. It is a big weekend house packed with all the amenities. The two starts bonding while making dinner and catching up with recreational activities. There is a feeling of happiness as they open up to new experiences. A lot of twist and turns makes this movie a story of companionship. The One I Love talks a lot about identity and relationship, connection and destiny.

– From your Valentine