5 Dorm Décor Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of


Whether you’re a fresher or a current student, you’d surely be spending a lot of time in your dorm. Thus, it is important to organise and decorate your space to make it feel more like home. And when we say decor, we don’t just mean string lights and photo frames- there’s so much more you can do with your tiny space! To help you out, we’re here with 5 dorm decor ideas to make your accommodation look nice! Read on and get inspired!

1. Lighting It Up

Lights and lamps can change the entire mood of a room. Traditionally, there are 3 types of lighting: Task, Accent and Ambient. The classic twinkle lights and in-trend neon lights can be used as ambient lighting for your room. If you’re looking to set more of a cosy vibe, go for vintage hanging or table lamps. Alternatively, you can also DIY your twinkle lights into creative lamps by using old wine bottles, mason jars, terrariums or fish bowls.


2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

With a compact space, dorm decor can be quite challenging. Mirrors can do wonders when it comes to making a small room look spacious even with tons of stuff in it. Think round wall mirrors above the bed or table and life-sized mirrors replacing your dressing table. To oomph it up, add faux leaves, house plants or lights around them.


3. Playing With Colors

If you often find yourself asking “How do I make my student room look better on a budget?” Colour theme-ing is your answer! Colour theme-ing is the easiest dorm decor hack and can help you define the emotion of your dorm room. Lighter colours are good for enlarging the appearance of small spaces and darker colours add dimensions to big spaces. If you play your colours right, you wouldn’t need a lot of decor items in your room. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the colour schemes of your room:

  • Blue: symbolizes calmness and serenity
  • Red: creates a cosy ambience
  • Black: adds sophistication
  • Yellow: known to spark creativity, resembles happiness
  • Green: is a soothing shade, adds balance to the room
  • Blush/Pink: Softens the room, adds a feminine touch

Create a colour palette for your room that resembles your ideal mood for space, and you’ll be good to go!


4. Wall Art For The Win

Adding wall art to your dorm room is a great way to cover up those dull, empty walls. Confused about which art to go for? There are no rules! It can be album covers, flea market paintings, quotes, posters or even your own polaroid pictures! Flaunt your style and give your wall a personal touch with your own painting or DIY dream catcher– treat it like your canvas! Pep it up by mixing it with neon lights, twinkle lights and faux flowers or plants to take it to the next level.

5. House Plants All The Way

Add some life to your dorm room with some easy to maintain house plants. House plants are known not just to purify the air indoors but also boost your mood and add colour to the space. Worried about keeping them alive in your hectic college routine? Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of impossible-to-kill house plants that won’t let you down:

  • Snake Plant: can grow in dark corners and survive for several days without water
  • Pothos: silently grows in low light and is drought tolerant; also comes in various colours
  • Aloe Vera: is basically a succulent and medical plant that needs some light and water once a week
  • Money Tree: perfect for those tropical vibes in your room; needs medium light and water twice a week
  • Lucky Bamboo: impossible to kill, grows in low light, needs water once a week


Dorm rooms are your canvas, use the space to express your creativity and make it your home! To add a more personal touch, you can also DIY a lot of things around the room. Check out these easy DIY decor tips for your student apartment. Happy decorating!