5 Childhood Movies That Never Get Old


The late 1990s and 2000s were truly a golden period for kids’ movies. Characters like Ratatouille, Dewey Finn from School Of Rock, and Kevin from Home Alone not only gave everyone a good laugh but also taught them priceless lessons. These classics stand as an escape for one into the magic of childhood and still stand relatable for all! So grab your popcorn, cosy up in your room and get ready to watch these 5 childhood classics that will never disappoint!

1. Ratatouille

A tiny rat lives in Paris and cooks better than humans? We’re hooked! Ratatouille was a rare gem that taught every kid valuable lessons on trust, belief and passion. One can never get enough of the brilliant comedy, Pixar’s animation details and the way the movie depicted Paris’s fine art of cooking. The movie had and still leaves everyone drooling by the end, for some exquisite French cuisine. So if you start craving for a Vichhyssoise Soup after watching the movie, just remember what Gusteau said- “Anyone can cook (but only the fearless can be great)”.

2. School Of Rock 

This 2003 classic stood as the “highest-grossing music-themed comedy of all time” till 2015. Even after 17 years of release, Jack Black’s humour remains relevant and can turn anyone’s bad day around in a whif. One would be lying if they said they do not still bang their heads to Rock Got No Reason. Jack Black’s contagious energy and banter had everyone wishing they had a teacher as cool as him in school who’d save their ass from the principal singing songs like Math is a Wonderful Thing in class. The sassy kids, Jack Black’s acting, writing and the songs easily make this movie an absolute classic- one we’d never get enough of headbanging to!  

3. Home Alone

This Christmas classic was every kid’s dream come true- having the whole house to yourself, being able to eat as much pizza as you want and making a mess in the house without your mom screaming at you. Until of course Harry and Marv show up to rob your house. Kevin’s clever setups and antics throughout the movie to get rid of the burglars still bring the house down and make the movie a must-watch Christmas classic even after a good 30 years!

4. Narnia

Narnia wasn’t just Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy’s escape, it was every child’s escape in 2005 when the movie was released. 2000s kids have grown up with The Chronicles Of Narnia and its priceless stories. The playful banter between the siblings, the magical forests of Narnia and the gripping plot of the movie still leaves one astonished and delighted. Moreover, one can now more than ever relate to Edmund- who sold his family for a piece of Turkish Delight (because it really is that tasty!).

5. The Incredibles

Another superhero movie when everyone’s already watched tons? Yes, please! Nothing beats the excitement of watching every single character in the movie slowly reveal their superpowers and beat the villain. This classic yet exciting plot still grips everyone till the end of the movie. Another thing to look for in the movie now- Edna’s confidence, sass and sarcasm.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the couch and watch these absolute classics to take a trip down the memory lane!