20 Best Halloween Memes That Will Tickle Your Bone


“I can’t sleep ’cause my bed’s on fire , Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire. Psycho Killer. Qu’est-ce que c’est.” Woah! Whatta dream.

It is almost here and we’re having a house party! Halloween won’t be the same this year but during the pandemic, creativity in memes have reached hysterical heights. It might be a great idea to host a spooky Halloween party or attend one, watch a horror movie, play some games and binge on those drinks. Halloween in college is almost like a week-long tradition. Are you ready for hangover haunted Halloweek. Different universities have different traditions for Halloween. University traditions like MIT’s annual Pumpkin Drop, Georgetown University’s Healy Howl, YSO Halloween Show, UCLA’s All Hill Halloween, and other such traditions is the perfect serotonin to get you in that festive vibe. Also, Alexa, it’s spooktober you can play “Monster Mash” followed by “Thriller”. Let’s start the Halloween celebration with some spooky cocktails and memes.

1. Ghostship gang found you a jackpot



2. Is it a pumpkin inside a pumpkin? He might be the pumpkin killer himself! That face is just honeydew smooth



3. Hygienic Michael Myers, circa 2020



4. When my mental state matches the Halloween decorations



5. Got to get ready for Area 51



6. Don’t worry, human-cat! We are just taking orders


7. We can do with less food but decorations and alcohol shouldn’t fall short



8. Yep! Found guilty, that’s me.



9. It is that time of the year!


10. Michael Myers and the Dude, Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino, collaboration x mood 24*7



11. Elizabeth, Cheers!



12. I don’t know what you did this year!



13. Some of us want those throughout the year



14. Photographed in Hell’s Kitchen, right from Heaven street



15. I thought it was head smash day and not pumpkin smash day!



16. Go on a road trip to the Island of Dolls they said, well said



17. Sweater weather!



18. What Miley Cyrus meant when she said she made “eye contact” with an alien



19. We used to call him Mr Funny Bones



20. We are using folks to spread the cheese since then



2020 on Halloween; “ You’re just too good to be true, Can’t take my eyes off of you. You’d be like Heaven to touch.”